Monday, October 1, 2012


Sweet friends. Cool town. Fun hikes. Hilarious gaming. Great eats. Thoughtful discussions. Academy insights. Encouraging words. Lots of laughs. that about sums up our experiences when we hang out with the Elams. We were able to go visit at the end of August for a long weekend and boy did we soak up our time with them. If you've never played the game of should definitely look into it if you want some good laughs.

But really, besides the game it was just nice to hang out with friends who were cherish dearly. Thanks guys for being such wonderful people!!

night skyline for our first dinner out


before Kimi and I got too cold and asked to move inside.

we visited Garden of the gods. It was neat

everyone got the Chaco memo, except Jack. But even if he had he wouldn't have worn any anyways.

Then later that night we hit up the putt-putt. Going for birdie...

The sunset was pretty

aren't they cute?

Then Jack and I had the privilege of taking Matt back to the Airforce Academy. It was so cool!

The chapel

it's supposed to resemble airplanes

campus, we weren't allowed down there. that's where they march and do drills and stuff.