Friday, October 31, 2014

Evie 4 months, KyLee 4 years!

This little kiddo turned 4 months old two days ago! We are off to get 4 month shots at the doctor here in about an hour. Yippee! What a joy she brings to our family. It's so much fun to watch how she is growing and changing. This kid gets more smiley every day and it warms my heart! Something we've been praying over her is that she'd be a joy to others and be an encourager. And that sweet little smile sure can brighten a day! 
One month old!

Two months old!

Three months old!

Four months old!
On another note, today is our niece's birthday! What a fun day to have a birthday! I'm pretty sure she's getting a fun dress up birthday party! Happy 4th birthday, KyLee! You are such a joy to us!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Back on the bandwagon

So I haven't blogged in almost 2 years! But I figured it might be a fun way of putting down some thoughts and gushing about our new little addition to the family, Evie! I'm going to try to keep my posts short and hopefully do something like a picture or so a day. Not to overload. This will be more of a place for me to blog about the random things going on in life more for memories. Hope you enjoy :)

Meet Evie! 3 months old. We love her so much!
Tonight we have youth Bible study going on at church. Jack and I help co-facilitate the groups (with another couple) and we are enjoying being still involved with the youth but not taking on such an active leadership role as before. We had been leading (Jack mostly) for the past 2 years but with the arrival of Evie we needed to step back and let others take on a majority of the leadership. It was a good respite and now we are happy with our new roles with the youth without biting off too much at one time!