Sunday, March 18, 2012

it's Christmas time...there's no need to be afraid

that I will never get around to posting about Christmas, that is. Slowly but surely I'll catch this here blog up to the present! But until then...enjoy the reminiscing :) This is part 1. Part 2 to come soon about the Galloways visiting :)

In early December I had the opportunity to join some friends to find our perfect, NM Christmas tree. Unfortunately, Jack wasn't feeling great so he opted out in exchange for a nice long nap (much needed) so he was stuck with the Charlie Brown tree I found out in the woods. It was so much fun. We got a permit, drove to a remote(ish) part of the Jemez mountains (4-wheel drive only...there were 2 cars from another group that got stuck in all the snow so thankfully our friends were able to pull them out) and off we tromped, over hill and dale, through deep snow to find our tree. Then we had a fun little picnic just to enjoy the day and it started snowing on us! Fun times with fun friends! Then in late December, Jack and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary!! It was such a fun time to go on a date night, enjoy a nice dinner at Outback and do quite a bit of talking. Thankful for our 6 years together and looking forward to many more years to come!!
Daniela, Nate and Ethan, friends from church who took me out to find our Christmas tree!!

There it is, good ol' Charlie Brown!

Don't know these people but they sure got a big tree. No idea where that thing is going!

The Galloway and Moody trees. All cut down and ready to be taken home and dressed :)

The whole gang having a picnic. What a fun day. The trees way back in the background is where we hiked to find our trees.

Fun family pic :) Thanks to the Rover for getting us in and out of there.
Here it is...good ol' Charlie Brown tree :) 

one of our favorite ornaments :) Love the Balloon Fiesta in NM.

No chimney to hang out stockings so we went with a more intellectual feel :) 

the inspiration for the colors on our tree and a good reminder during the Christmas season.

This start cracked us up, it would lean all sorts of directions. We'd straighten it out and then wake up the next morning to see where it ended up.

Who doesn't love a kayaking Santa? :)

One of our favorite places to visit.

an awesome national park...see a trend here with our ornaments? 

Jack and me at our anniversary dinner :) What a fun time.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our Christmas time adventures!! Coming soon....

Friday, March 16, 2012

Gulp...we turned 30!

So back in February, Debbie and I hit the big 3-0! We decided that we wanted to do something big, fun and active for our birthday. None of this we're getting old, ho-hum, so sad, cry me a river way, man. Go big or go home! So big we went....on a snowboarding extravaganza to Colorado. Debbie, Brian, Dave and Mike flew out from North Carolina and Jack and I picked them up and it was off to the Lazy Bear Cabin in Pagosa Springs, CO.

The plan: 3-4 days of snowboarding, one day to hang out in town and maybe go sledding, laugh a lot, have some fun and look thirty in the face and say, "you ain't got nothin' on me!"

I think we accomplished all of that...and more! Unfortunately Jack accomplished crushing his tailbone on our sledding day but he handled it well and we all still had a great time.

30? You don't seem so bad...I think this decade has a lot in store and the fun is only just beginning!

The birthday girls! :) Not too shabby for 30, eh?

makes me think of a band cover shot or something..except for the cheesy grins. we needed emo solemn faces to fully pull it off.

bros for life...for real!

nothing makes a trip to CO right unless you stop at Bode's for a breakfast burrito!!

alberta lift and black diamonds...pshhh, we got you.

Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012


to jack:
it's time to celebrate!
happy birthday my dear mate,
what a wonderful husband you sure do make.
today's your birthday and that sure is great!
i hope you enjoyed your chocolate bundt cake.

God brought you to earth some thirty-one years ago
and when he did, he put on a show.
see you came to this earth to bring him more glory
and each and every day he is making you more holy.
you walk with him closely and with much fervor and grace,
i know without a doubt with faith you will finish this race.
what an example you are to me of humility and love
the way you serve diligently and focus on the One above.
how i look forward to many more years together
growing strong in the Lord no matter what storms we must weather.
he gave me a wonderful leader in you
i love you so much, of this it is true!

Happy birthday, Jack!!! 31 years and pressing on! Looking forward to many more years of walking life with you, serving the Lord and growing in love. You.are.loved.

we sure do have fun together :)

you are so much fun! you make me smile and laugh so much :) thanks!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's march!

And you know what that desktop calendar from Geninne!!

Also with March brings Jack's birthday month, March madness, spring (windy season here), and an exciting conference with D.A. Carson!! It's going to be a good month.'ve been pretty cool so far. Keep it up.