Monday, November 5, 2012

It's the end of the summer as we know it...

And we felt fiiiiiiiine. On September 21st we decided we wanted to do a little adventure seeking since our summer had pretty much been tame compared to last year (here, and here). We knew the weather was probably in our favor as well as the changing aspens in the area so we garnered the help of our friend Nate in order to "lead" us on our first backpacking adventure as a married couple. We decided to try a pretty well known hike (most popular hike this side of the Mississippi, or so rumor has it) and stuck close to home (yes we live in a gorgeous area, what can we say?). We started the hike at the Santa Fe Ski area with the intention of "bagging a few peaks" along the way. To start we decided just to forge our way straight up some of the runs (this is a blue...this is a black...) and as we summited after a couple hours the views were gorgeous. We climbed 3 peaks and definitely saw more in the distance we decided one day we would summit as well and then we spotted the lake we wanted to camp near. We bushwhacked our way down from the peak (I fell numerous times down this part, making it more of a slip-n-slide decent than actual bushwhacking, thankfully Ethan was nicely worried for me and kept asking if I was OK as I sent pebbles and other not so small rocks sliding past Jack and Nate and Ethan) and finally were able to set up camp down in the bowl formed by the lake and cirque. We found lots of dead wood on the ground and Jack built a nice fire to ward off the cold temps that night. Then we sat around talking around the fire and made dinner. Thankful for freeze dried dinners, just add water and a hot meal awaits. They were really good, too! Then it was time for bed. I tossed and turned all night long, going from sweating to freezing but Jack seemed to sleep really well and even snored some. At some point we had some sort of visitor through the camp we made because in the morning some poles Nate had specifically set up near the tent in order to see if any animals had come through had been knocked over by morning. Not sure what scoped us out but thankful we weren't that interesting to it. We made a nice breakfast and had some hot chocolate and then it was time to pack up and head back down the trail to go home. The hike out was really pretty and we met a ton of people on the trail. We were thankful we were the only ones camping up near the lake that night and that we got an early start to the morning seeing as how there were so many people headed up to the lake the next morning. The sites were pretty, the company pleasurable and over all we had a great time. Jack and I definitely are looking forward to do more backpacking in the future. It seems once you get past the "fear" of the first trip (do I have the right equipment, enough water, right clothes, etc) then it's more exciting thinking about the next trip! Until then...enjoy the pics (there are a lot. Click them to make them bigger if you wish).

thankful jack was carrying our tent!

taking a's hard to really see how steep some of the inclines were.

saw a mtn biker coming up this...looked hard but the return trip would be a blast!

Ethan enjoying his leisurely ride on Nate's back. 

Deception peak. we got hot hiking up but the breeze was stiff at the top.

scrambling at the top of Lake Peak.

on top of the world!

setting up camp

Ethan off to scavenge for pine cones for the fire.

peaceful lake with a nice bubbling brook flowing to it. used it to fill the nalgenes in the AM.

Staying warm!

The end of the second day...picture of what we hiked up. We made a big circle.

had to keep a good eye on the little guy, with so many ledges. but he was fun and very adventurous.

Nambe Lake way down there where we camped.

Las Truches...we will hike those one day.

very, very thankful for the hiking poles. Used to think people who used them were pansies...not when carrying  a heavy pack! 

almost tripped here...thankful I didn't! 

sneaky little sucker would just wait for us to leave our food and try swooping down. Only think he picked up one little piece of trash...

Staying warm!

camp at early morning.

"It's time to get up, Jack. It's a brand new day!" - Ethan

Love their friendship. :) Thankful for the Moodys.

he was off to scour for a place to relieve himself, hehe.

I liked the angle of the trees in this one.

The pretty trail we hiked back on

Almost back to the car.

perfect time of the year to capture this change in the aspens.
Headed home, followed by the Moody Rover. :)
ps - how many song references can you find in this post? :)

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Debbie said...

those pictures are great!! I especially love the angled aspen tree picture. could see that one blown up in color or black and white and framed.

back packing is fuuuuun :)